What if Government wanted to eliminate Candy

Which is easier; to ban candy or to promote healthy teeth?  And, if we are going to promote healthy teeth, it only makes sense to promote general health and the avoidance of diabetes.

How would they do it?

  • Get an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) like the ADA on your side.
  • Create a health sustainability coordinator that belongs to an international organization that promotes the benefits of a candy-free society.
  • Pass legislation that requires schools and households to use healthy diet templates.
  • Require schools to teach the evils of candy.


  • Explain how the consumption of Candy consumes an excessive portion of the world’s sugar cane supplies.
  • Publish selective articles “proving” that candy is harmful to your health.
  • Endorse organizations that promote healthy eating.  Offer smart sugar-free growing awards.
  • Pass resolutions that argue, “in the absence of positive proof”, we should err on the side of  caution and avoid candy.


  • Get non-candy companies to sell alternatives. How do you do this?
  • Offer grants to companies that manufacture healthy desserts.
  • Offer grants to schools, communities, and businesses that provide healthy desserts in lieu of candy.
  • Promote technology that would monitor sugar consumption.


  • Require a transfer of funds from rich countries to poor countries in order to help wean them off of sugar-based foods.
  • Develop small, local farms in poorer countries to grow alternative foods.
  • Create a government dietary commission staffed with anti-sugar political appointees.
  • Require all schools and businesses to adopt a sugar-free diet planning template.
  • Pass a hefty tax on all candy vendors to make it so costly to put candy in vending machines they’ll go out of business.
  • Require all members of the dietary commission to be trained in proper diets.

What would Al Gore and Michael Moore do?

  • Produce a movie about corruption at Hershey’s Chocolate called “Candy and Me”.
  • Produce a movie denigrating the system that enables us to have chocolate in every household “Capitalism and Candy; How greed is killingAmerica”.
  • Produce a movie on the evils of cavities.  An Inconvenient Tooth.


  • Create a false moral equivalency .  If you do not support the banning of candy you must be a cold, callous, and selfish.  You must be in favor of harming children.
  • Declare the debate is over.  Sugar must go.
  • Blame the poor health of children worldwide on capitalism; the wasteful exporting of sugar, and wasteful sugar consumption habits of wealthy nations.

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