Politicizing the Payroll Tax Cut

The debate over a two percent reduction to the payroll tax rate is mind-numbing.  The ruling class acts like petulant children who can’t play nice in the sand box.  The ruling class once again uses the tax code to divide and conquer the people to satisfy their personal ambitions. 

Let’s put this into context.  Assume an average annual income of $50,000 a year, a two month extension amounts to $167 which is just over $19 per week.  What does $19 buy you?  It buys about 6 gallons of gas, or 4 Chiptole burritos, or 2 large pepperoni pizzas for the family. 

It baffles me that both political parties and the lemmings in the main stream media focus on this issue as though it is the overarching issue of the day.  The country is $15 trillion in debt.  The government hasn’t passed a budget in over 900 days.  Annual deficits routinely exceed $1 trillion.  Unfunded entitlement liabilities exceed $100 trillion.  The ruling class just passed a law that can detain American citizens indefinitely and without trial.  Yet, the focus is on a two-month temporary tax cut that will not change the standard of living for a single person. 

The moral and philosophical aspect of this tax cut is even more disturbing than the inane debate.  The tax cut represents a systemic problem germane to the tax code.  The Lords of the Potomac use the tax code for personal political benefit.  Individuals as well as special interests want to preserve their tax break, credit, or subsidy.  Unfortunately, too many individuals vote for the candidate that promises them the most in return.  A certain quid-pro-quo exists where large swaths of society pay no federal income taxes and/or receive certain benefits in exchange for their votes.  Likewise, too many companies receive preferential treatment in the tax code or subsidies for certain activities and in return those companies, trade groups/associations, unions, or political action committees contribute to campaign coffers.  

Moreover, the tax code is used as political fodder to divide Americans.  We often hear how the rich don’t pay their fair share, or there are tax breaks for this industry or that industry.  The ruling class use envy and jealousy to appeal to the worst part of human nature in order to divide the people.  Elected officials act despicably when they attempt to turn one person against another because one earns more than the other.  Government attempts to legitimize the redistribution of property according to their personal preferences.  Government punishes the person that earns more by taking more of their property and redistributing that property to special interests and others in society.  Likewise, government rewards the person that earns less by giving them property they have no rightful claim to.  

The ruling class makes scapegoats out of the top 1% of income earners and demonizes companies that use tax breaks that the ruling class enacted in the first place.  Conveniently, the ruling class forgets that nearly 50% of all federal income tax filers pay no federal income tax.   This issue has nothing to do with being fair.  The issue has everything to do with partisan politics, campaign fundraising, and getting re-elected to office.  In short, it is merely about keeping the status quo.

Remarkably, the ruling class and their sycophants in the media ignore that government is arguing over property earned by the citizens.  The government treats the money as though they have a rightful claim to it.  Somehow, it is only through the good graces, compassion, and benevolence of the ruling class that allows hard-working citizen to keep an extra $19 of their own money.  The Lords of the Potomac bellow “Kneel before us and beg for your money”.  The Lords continue, “Come closer for these crumbs of bread as you are subservient to us.  Kiss the hand that feeds you these crumbs.  And, don’t forget to vote for us in the next election.” 

This act, played over and over again in the cesspool that is Washington D.C., reminds me of something Sam Adams once said, “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” 

Too many Americans crouch down and lick the hands which feed them.  By participating in this system, the people enable government to act as a proxy for them and engage in the legal plunder of those that produce; to punish achievement and success.  The law’s intent was to protect individual rights, liberties, and property.  The government has stood the law on its head and now uses coercion and the threat of fines and imprisonment to steal from one segment of the population. 

If the ruling class truly cared about the middle class keeping more of their own hard-earned money there are dozens of other actions government could undertake.  One example is the elimination of corporate income taxes.  Corporate taxes are an expense which is passed on to the consumer in the final cost of a product.  Another example is a flat tax applied to all income and is paid on every dollar earned.  Lastly, why limit the payroll tax cut to 2%?  Why not eliminate it entirely so the middle class worker can keep an additional 4.2% of his hard-earned money?  

The simple truth is the ruling class doesn’t care about the middle class or any other part of society.  The ruling class intervenes in every aspect of our daily lives and the economy as an excuse to pursue their own ambition and avarice at the expense of society.  The 2% temporary payroll tax reduction is another opportunity for the ruling class to politicize an issue for their own benefit.  The ruling class would have it no other way.  This is just another example of the mind-numbing stupidity and insanity that is Washington, D.C.



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2 responses to “Politicizing the Payroll Tax Cut

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  2. Morgan

    Another great article Scott. Bread and circuses for the masses while in the background our wealth and liberty are stolen in more brazen and creative ways. Wake up America before it is too late. The process of usurpation has gained a frightening momentum in recent years and it will take drastic action to stop it. If you care about your family, individual rights and your country get involved in the process at every level.

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