Less Government, More Freedom

Our union, established upon bedrock principles of individual liberty, natural rights, and self-governance may be in its twilight.  Generations have been conditioned to not only accept an all-powerful, centralized government and a top-down planned economy, but to sustain and preserve it at all costs.  Those costs include subjugating individual rights and liberty to an aristocracy primarily concerned with furthering their own ambition and avarice.  The aristocracy subsists on a rotting umbilical cord connected to complacent citizens willing to accept the status quo.

The founders understood human nature and the reasoned self-interest that drives an individual’s pursuit of happiness.  The founders had faith and confidence that the common man was rational and could function autonomously.  Those beliefs have been systematically eroded and replaced by a brainwashed populace idolizing the aristocracy to the detriment of the individual’s self-interest, liberty, and unalienable rights.

Arguments are posited that man is not capable of self-governance.  Man is not capable of exercising his own judgment and pursuing his dreams.  Man is not capable of choosing with whom he interacts and which goods and services he chooses to procure.  Man is not capable of acting rationally and autonomously.

These arguments are patently absurd.  The arguments are self-defeating and circular.  If man is incapable of self-governance and self-direction then how is man capable of governing or directing others?

Moreover, the argument implies there are certain individuals amongst us that are better suited or more capable of governing than ourselves.  This arcane thinking leads the populace to idolize a select few amongst us.  To declare we are not capable of self-governance and self-direction, and to sanction the few to exercise dominion over the many is to subject oneself to tyranny and despotism.

The ruling class has the audacity to claim they’re acting in our best interests, out of compassion for others, or for the children.  It is impossible for a small cabal of bureaucrats to govern 300 million people effectively and efficiently.  It is insulting when the ruling class claims moral superiority because government is compassionate by taking care of the people.  Even President Bush’s “compassionate conservative” label was enough to make me ill.   Compassion is only virtuous when voluntary.  Government compassion is dispensed through force and coercion.  The threat of fines, imprisonment, or even at the barrel of a gun is the modus operandi to keep the subjects in line.

Is it compassionate when government confiscates private property to bailout automotive or financial institutions?  Is it compassionate when government takes your hard earned income and gives it to an abortion provider when you consider abortion morally repugnant and against your conscience?  Is it compassionate to force younger generations and those not yet born to bear the debt burden from decades of profligate spending and incompetent monetary and fiscal policies?  Is it compassionate when central bankers engage in outright money printing – currency debasement – which erodes the wealth and purchasing power of all Americans that save their surplus production?

The founders did not fight a civil war with and win independence from Britain just to trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for few hundred tyrants a hundred miles away.  No, the fight for independence transcended historical reasons for war.  The moral and philosophical statements in the Declaration of Independence formed the basis for civil society, the relationship between the individual and government, and the country’s governance in general.

The most important moral and philosophical statement is the individual is sovereign with certain unalienable rights.

Today we are so far removed from the moral and philosophical beliefs that set America apart from any nation-state in the history of mankind.  Americans think in four year presidential election cycles.  Issues no longer revolve around individual rights, liberty, and the Constitution.  Rarely do we hear any candidate discuss authority and whether authority belongs at the federal or state level according to the Constitution.

Instead, voters are subjected to political kabuki theater where votes are bought and sold with promises of largesse and reforming this or that program.  Tinkering with public policy, monetary or fiscal policy, and politicizing the tax code are used as bait to attract voters — the unwitting yet complicit prey — that take it hook, line, and sinker.  The political arena abetted by the main stream media is analogous to the bread and circuses of the Roman Empire.   As author Robert Heinlein said, “Once the monkeys learn they can vote themselves bananas, they’ll never climb another tree”.

Reform is simply political speak for institutionalizing laws and regulations that do nothing more than assault your wallet, your rights, or both.  The tax code is politicized to gain favor with certain constituencies in return for political contributions to ensure the incumbent is re-elected.  Health care legislation obliterates the very basic relationship between individuals and government as the legislation requires compulsory purchase of an insurance product.  Financial reform legislation did nothing to address the failures in the home mortgage industry and the financial industry.  Both pieces of legislation were thousands of pages long and added more rules and regulations favoring certain constituencies and harming the individual.

The simple truth is the country is well past the point where tinkering with this policy or reforming that program will achieve any real transformational change. Whether a Republican or Democrat is elected as the next President the country will continue the same destructive policies.  The only variation will be the speed of destruction.

Undoubtedly, some believe that if only we can get our guy elected, or take back the White House, things will miraculously change course and all will be well.  Two years removed from the historic mid-tem election and nothing has changed.  The hope that Tea Party candidates elected to the House and Senate would stand up against the status quo has vanished.  The House Republican leadership folded like a cheap tent when it came to the debt ceiling debate.

The country is in need of profound change, not sophomoric change.  The profound change must come from the people demanding change in our representatives.  The people must stand up for principles, not people or parties.  While every candidate may not be perfect, we as voters must demand more from our representatives.  Every elected official swears an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  As soon an elected official removes their hand from the bible they start violating their oath.

We the people want to be governed according to the Constitution.  We want our personal and economic liberties restored.  We want to be treated at citizens not as subjects.  We don’t want to be ruled.  We don’t want to be forced to buy a good or service against our will.  We don’t want our property taken and used to bailout private companies.  We don’t want the banking cartel to debase our currency and destroy our hard-earned savings.  We don’t want our children and grandchildren born into debt slavery.  We don’t want hundreds of thousands of laws, rules, and regulations.  We don’t want to be told what type of light bulbs to use, which cars we can drive, and how much water we can use in our homes.

We yearn for less government and more freedom.


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