Let’s do it for the Kids

What are the two most popular explanations we hear from government to justify their actions; it’s in our national interest and we are doing it for the kids.   Shockingly, I agree with the later sentiment.  Let’s do it for the kids.  Sit down because I find myself in agreement with Michelle Obama.  Now that you have a moment to recover from that shock it’s time to face the facts; America has an obesity problem.

This obesity problem is not your normal, run of the mill obesity problem.  It is the most grandiose obesity problem of them all.   The government is obese.  Government is gorging itself on debt.  The government’s insatiable appetite for borrowing, spending, and printing money is reckless and endangers the very life of its host – the people.

Envision government as a 400 pound, 12 year old kid, eating dozens of Twinkes and Ring Dings while washing it all down with a 64 ounce slurpee.  And, that’s just the first course.

The series of graphs illustrate government’s obesity problem.

Source:  Government Printing Office, U.S. 2013 Federal Budget, Historical Data, Table 7-1 Federal Debt

Source:  Government Printing Office, 2013 U.S. Federal Budget, Summary Tables, Table S-5.  Note, the projections assume an average of 4.6% GDP growth Year-Over-Year for the next 10 years.

Source:  St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank

Source:  Federal Reserve Bank Flow of Funds Report

Source:  Government Printing Office U.S. 2013 Budget.  Mandatory includes Social Security, Medicare, and Interest on the Debt.  Non-military is everything else not included in the other two categories.

During this election cycle how many candidates running for the House, Senate, or the President seriously talked about these problems?  How many candidates presented a plan to not only end the deficit spending and borrowing, but do it in a timely manner?  The answer is zero.

For all those that believe in the mantra “let’s do it for the kids” there’s one thing we must do for the kids.  We must end government’s obesity problem.  We cannot sell our children down the river like slaves at auction in Alexandria, Virginia.  We cannot continue social programs like Medicare and Social Security without destroying the county.  We cannot borrow money.  We cannot print money out of thin air.

Voting isn’t the answer.  Voting is the least of any patriotic thing you can do.  Because, if all you do is vote, then you are part of the problem.  If you vote without understanding the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the purpose of government, the Rule of Law, unalienable rights, and rightful liberty then voting means you are giving consent to an out of control leviathan.  You aren’t fixing the problem by voting in the very same people and type of people into office.  And, what can be more unpatriotic then voting for someone that will certainly enslave your children.

If there is anything you can do for you children and grandchildren it’s to unshackle them from the chains of this debt, from this oppressive government so they can live as free people.  Let’ cut our children free from the rotting umbilical connecting them to the parasitic government that is feeding on their very lives and their futures.

Indeed, let’s do this for the kids!


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