Blind Faith

Blind faith is the belief in something without a true understanding, perception, or discrimination. Mix in two parts normalcy bias to create a lethal tonic which turns individual thinkers into apathetic, government loving lemmings living in a world of self-denial. A devotion to government centric everything from cradle to grave has turned a once self-reliant, self-directed, autonomous people into slobbering fools begging for crumbs from their government overlords.

Life today is truly Orwellian. The ruling class (i.e. The Party) is revered by many. Complete loyalty and allegiance to The Party and ideology trumps individual rights and liberties, republicanism, federalism, and the founding principles. In the two hundred plus year history of the Union it has evolved from a constitutional federal republic to an oligarchical regime. The legitimacy of this oligarchical regime is justified through the pretense of fair elections. To the ruling class elections epitomize consent of the governed.

The joke is on us!

Regardless of which political party wins elections they are merely a different wing of the same bird of prey. In reality, it is a one party system where the status quo is maintained. The size, scope, and power of the oligarchical regime expands unabated and to the determinant of our lives, liberty, and happiness.

The ruling class and the media embody Orwell’s Newspeak. Slogans such as; war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength exemplifies the modern prevailing orthodoxy. The “national security” guise is nothing less than one gargantuan lie foisted upon the people. We don’t need hundreds of military bases around the world. We don’t need to drone bomb enemies while also killing innocent women and children. We don’t need to arm Syrian Rebels to overthrow a government. We are not the world’s police. We have no right to invade another sovereign nation under the pretense of helping one faction overthrow another faction or promoting democracy; even though we are a constitutional republic to keep us safe from democracy. And, the people actually buy this garbage. Minds are soft and mushy things to be plied and molded by the ruling class to create complacent and submissive members of society that function like a cog in one massive government controlled economic machine.

Of utmost importance is the recognition that government is the highest authority. Anyone falling outside government defined acceptable norms of thought or action is identified as a threat to the ruling class. Any signs of nonconformity or unorthodox behavior or thinking and you are labeled an enemy of the state; a traitor, an extremist, a terrorist, a racist. You will be ostracized and ridiculed by the ruling class, the media, and the public in general.

The ruling class has created government agencies and bureaucracies to enforce their authority over you. The ruling class has sent swarms of officers to eat out our substance and harass us. The IRS is used by the ruling class to bludgeon political enemies and those that threaten the prevailing orthodoxy. The NSA uses technology to spy on and collect data on the all citizens. The EPA is an instrument to control property rights and land use which further consolidates government power.

This is not how free people live. This is an illusion. It is not real. You are not free. The oligarchical regime is the modern day overlord of the plantation. Through intimidation, threats, and violence people are compelled to constrain their thoughts and actions within acceptable limits defined by the regime.

How many people knowingly and willingly accept and support this arrangement? Far too many! Instead of recognizing that all men are born equal, the ruling class is idolized and worshipped. Rights and liberties are conceded to the regime without resistance for the collective good. Party and ideology has become the spiritual and moral compass leading people to have blind faith in government leading to their own enslavement. The government, or collective society, is the secularist God today.

As a Christian person I recognize that all human beings are flawed. I also know that Christ died on the cross to bear our sins and the promise of individual salvation through Him. In Christianity there is no collective salvation. Christ teaches us to be compassionate. Christ offers everyone an individual relationship with God through Him. God has given us free will. The free will to accept Christ as our Savior or the free will to deny Him. God doesn’t compel us through force to accept Him.

The oligarchical regime offers collectivism through them. The regime isn’t compassionate for compassion is only virtuous when voluntary. They are bullies. They are intolerants. They plunder. They steal. They lie and deceive. The regime doesn’t believe in the individual or free will. The regime believes unto itself as the highest authority. To exercise dominion over the people the illusion of legitimacy and authority must be maintained at all costs. The regime must eliminate God from our lives to ensure they are viewed as the highest authority. The regime cannot tolerate independent thought and self-reliant, self-directed, autonomous individuals. The regime cannot tolerate individual rights and liberty over the collective good as that threatens their authority. The regime knows what’s best for the peasants and the regime will force us to comply with their demands and then expect us to be thankful for the shackles we are now burdened with.

Too many are infected with blind faith. Too many are drunk on the toxic elixir of blind faith and normalcy bias. Loyalty and allegiance to government is dangerous.

A great awakening is needed amongst the people; a renewal of liberty and a renewal in the belief of a higher authority.


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  1. Scott, once again, you have clearly and succinctly put in words what so many are feeling! Well done!

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