The Intolerant Tolerants

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind for me with all the live and taped television segments and radio programs, and press coverage in papers such as The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and the Baltimore Sun to mention a few. People’s opinions and thoughts vary greatly on the topic of the five western counties of Maryland leaving to form their own state.  But, there is one particular aspect of all this attention I’d like to focus on.


The applicable dictionary definitions are:

  1. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practice, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.
  2. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own.
  3. interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one’s own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint.

Therefore intolerance would be an unfair and biased attitude toward those whose opinions, practice, race, religion, nationality are different from one’s own viewpoint.  Also, tolerance does not explicitly or implicitly mean agreement or acceptance of another’s view. 

Ironically, those that proclaim tolerance and demand tolerance for their viewpoints flip, as easily as a light switch is turned on and off, to intolerance because a thought, idea, or view is different from their own.  Those than claim to be open minded, and in fact demand tolerance for their views are often the first to deny or infringe upon the views of others by resorting to petulant behavior, making derogatory comments about a persons’ race, gender, nationality, family, and religious beliefs.  Below are comments made by people opposing the idea of a new state (though truthfully too many concluded incorrectly that this was about seceding from the Union).

— Start of comments —

He knows very well it wont happen but its a way of creating more divisiveness and ramping up hated in America thanks to the repubs who see Obama as a nightmare come true.

The passion of the American Conservative for “Liberty” is only matched by his ignorance and apathy towards “Responsibility”. There is on way to describe that awful combination: adolescent.


Disease: Angry White Guy Syndrome
Symptoms: Wild ranting, fits of anger mainly at people that look different than you, desire to separate ones self from the populace.
Treatment: Come out of the bunker, turn off fox noise, make a friend with someone that doesn’t look like you

They will go broke in 60 days, red states are on the federal tit more than blue states

A bunch of crybabies complaining they can’s have everything their own way. And I sure as hell ain’t giving them a representative and two senators in Congress. Nor that diaper stain of northern Colorado, or anywhere else this childishness has drooled.

I think someone should send Scott Strzelczyk a soother, a blue blankie and a picture book showing him how to get along with others who don’t agree with him.

He is just being a whiner. Afterall, he isn’t pushing to have the entire State secede, just the white parts.

The free association of old red necks, who happen to be white, better know as The Tea Party or The Progressive Klan.

The State of Western Maryland’s constitution has not been written, nor has its tax plan been fully developed.  But when this bagger gets around to it, it won’t include a 13th amendment.

The right of self-determination should be opposed. Coercion by stronger forces is inevitable.

Sounds like an act of treason to me. I hope he gets 35 years imprisonment.

Right….they never think this through. For that reason, I think they should be allowed to do it, and live with all the consequences of their tea-bag policies. Only a reality check of this magnitude will cure the “free state, no taxes, no regulation” fantasy, but if they do, the rest of us should invoke “no do-overs” , you choose to be a West Md. citizen, stay there, live that nightmare you wanted to force on the rest of us.

Scott, please go back to tending that Unicorn farm and stop wasting our time.

Isn’t it funny how these same conservatives who trumpet the Constitution’s second amendment as justification for unlimited ownership of deadly weapons and secession have no problem with the federal government’s violation of the first and fourth amendments? Truly ironic!

It is also interesting that the Left never threatens secession. WE accommodate opinions that differ from our own, and always have.

There is a better way. Why doesn’t the bagger move to a trailer park in another redneck state where he can swill beer and listen to Ted Nugent with his ignorant kind all he wants?

Failing that, he pledges to sever his wèe-wèe.  THAT’LL show ’em!  Sooner or later, we’ll discover the swàmp where they brèed these crètins… amid the horseflies and frogs.

I have never seen a set of people who hates the United States and democracy as these bunch of Tea Baggers.  They do not have a clue what the Constitution says, and all they can do is talk about Second Amendment.


I would love for all of these idiots to secede and start their own country. They can have their wish to have no taxes, so they won’t have public schools, police, or fireman. They can ban together to build roads and bridges. It will be great when they reach retirement age that they won’t have to worry about getting a social security check. Yep, socialism is a horrible thing. Have fun in your new land baggers. 

It is a good idea to secede the entire Texassissippianahomasas region for several reasons;

1. The average IQ of the remainder of the nation would go up at least 30 points.
2. The average median income would go up over $10,000.
3. The average educational level would go from 6th grade dropout to college level.
4. We would save hundreds of billions in waste on their education, welfare and infrastructure.
5. Their new kuntry could be called Baggertopia, or Neojebusland or Concrapia maybe.

Lincoln blundered terribly when he did not let those savages crawl back into their caves. Now the red states are the biggest “welfare queens” on the planet.

Another right wing clown who does not support our constitution.

Strzelczyk and his silly racist comrades deserve the kick in the pants that will come with secession however unlikely it may be.

This guy is one of the reasons there are so many Polish jokes.

Scott Strzelczyk  That’s Polish right? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

He calls himself a constitutionalist, but doesn’t know the Constitution. Figures

—– End of Comments —

This was a small sample from a single article.  There are thousands more like this. Derogatory comments covering race, religion, nationality, etc. permeate the page.  People that know absolutely nothing about me, our founding principles, or the Constitution are suddenly experts on what I think and who I am.

Many are unable to comprehend the difference between forming a new Union state and seceding from the Union.  Many are unaware of the provisions stipulated in the U.S. Constitution for new states being formed out of existing states.  Many are unaware a new state being erected out of an existing state happened seven times not once as many stated.   Many believe we are a democracy where the mob rules.  Some believe that force should be used to ensure this doesn’t occur.  In other words we will arrest, injury, or kill you if you attempt to establish a new state government according to the constitution itself.  

Many are unaware it was the Northern states that threatened secession four times from 1803 to 1815.  They are unaware that in 1845 Massachusetts threatened secession if Texas were admitted in the Union.  They are unaware of the fact that Northern states opposed new states being admitted as a result of the Louisiana Purchase.  Many lumped me in with conservatives, the GOP, and the tea party without ever reading an article I wrote on my blog or listening to The Forgotten Men program.  All are unaware that Mark, Joshua, and I met with the local Occupy leadership and attending their meetings.  All are unaware that The Forgotten Men radio show calls out Republicans, conservatives, and neo-conservatives on a regular basis for their violations of the Constitution.  All are unaware that we regularly say things like “both parties are different wings of the same bird of prey” or “it doesn’t matter if its the red wolfpack or the blue wolfpack”.  And, Joshua coined the term the “DC’vers” which refers to all the elected officials in DC and how the deceive us regularly.  We say frequently “DC will never fix DC” and “DC is broke and broken”.  All are unaware that we oppose the Patriot Act, NDAA, the FISA Courts, and the undeclared wars and regularly discuss how the so-called “limited government” Republicans like Allen West and Michele Bachmann are part of the problem not part of the solution.  They are the other wing to those like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  They are different wings of the same bird of prey.  

My reaction to the intolerance is one of laughter and fear; laughter at the absurdity of the comments and fear of their ignorance and willingness to use force and coercion – might makes right – to deny people their right of self-determination and self-governance.  Every person can decide on their own whether they support the idea or not.  They are entitled to their own opinions, however, they are not entitled to their own facts.  The fact is by denying the people the right of self-governance they believe people are not capable of governing themselves.  Naturally, if people are not capable of governing themselves then why do they believe people are capable of governing others.

Those that profess tolerance towards others with opposing views have exposed themselves as hypocritical because they abandoned their self-proclaimed tolerance as demonstrated by their comments.  To these people tolerance is a one-way street where they are not tolerant but you must be.  Whenever your views don’t comport with their views the immediate reaction is toss verbal hand grenades at those with different views.

Consequently, this comes through in party colors and hyper-partisanship from both sides of the political spectrum.  This behavior is intellectually debilitating because the so-called tolerance is laid bare, naked, and revealed for all to see. True intolerance is people steadfastly clinging to their own views while degrading the views of others, and often, demanding acceptance as well.

This intolerance is summed up in a word; Bigotry.

Dissent and disagreement are common and natural.  In fact, dissent is encouraged.  State and federal constitutions protect dissenting views in Bills or Declarations of Rights.  My advice to those that don’t agree with the Western Maryland Initiative is express your dissent in a manner that is constructive and reasoned.  Practice the tolerance you demand of others and end the bigotry.



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7 responses to “The Intolerant Tolerants

  1. I suspect you are calling for what has never been and will never be. Bigots are by nature also bullies, and asking them to not be bullies when it comes to their views is asking them to not be themselves, -to stifle themselves, -to self-limit their right of free speech. That’s like asking a spoiled crying baby that isn’t getting its way to stop feeling sorry for itself.

    PS. Correction needed: “Those that profess tolerance by others with opposing views…” “by” should be “for” or toward.

  2. Ron Surette

    There are many Progressives who oppose the initiative for many of the reasons stated above but without the emotional name calling. However, I am of the opinion that no matter why someone opposes your initiative, you will consider them “intolerant” of your initiative. This is a by-product of the divisive culture in which we live today.

    Personally, while I support fully your right to pursue this, I do have serious concerns about the reasoning, the agenda, what happens to Progressives caught in the secession, and the having another “Red” state next to mine.

    • Ron, this is the type of mature, adult conversation we should be having. Your comment is appropriate and the fact that you disagree I do not consider that intolerant. You are hitting the tip of the iceberg when you said “this is a by-product of the divisive culture in which we live today”. I concur. But we should take it a step or two further. It’s divisive because everything is nationalized. If the R’s are in power the D’s are mad. The D’s are in power the R’s are mad. Every issue is pushed up to the national level and government tries to create a one-sized, fits all policy for 310 million people. Those people are very diverse in many different ways and they have diverse interests, needs, and wants. Forcing these solutions down our throats just doesn’t work. The answer to this is to decentralize power and create more states under the system known as Federalism — which is what the Constitution created. Instead of worrying about other people and how they live, what they believe in, and how they wish to be governed (which is what happens nationally) if we had 100, 200, 500 states where people can be governed in accordance with their views… then that is how people can live together in the same country without pitting brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor. If someone wants to live in a state that is to the “far left” on the political spectrum … good for them. Just don’t force that on me. And, if someone wants to live in a state to the “far right” good for them. Don’t force that on me either. There would be many in between as well. It’s kind of like the “Baskin Robins” of government.

  3. Jason

    Fantastic response Steve. Been following this movement from it’s inception and love the idea for the chance to keep my home I love but escape the progressive agenda that doesn’t jive with me personally. I would love to help reach out to the younger supporters, as I’m in my early 30’s, just let me know. Hold on to hope. It’s all we got.

  4. Love this article, very well done. I have had a similar saying about intolerant tolerants. They have a “You have to tolerate me but I don’t have to tolerate you” attitude.

    I about fell out of my chair at the “Progressive Klan” comment. That person obviously didn’t know that the clan was leftist intolerant democrats. Unbelievable ignorance and hatred in those comments.

    I am an eager new reader to your articles and I am loving them. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  5. George Otto

    Good job Scott

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