True Diversity is the Genesis of American Exceptionalism

Frequently I proclaim to others, the more I learn and know the more I realize how little I know.  This truism shines brightly in my journey through life.  As an advocate for rightful liberty and the unalienable rights of all I encounter bigotry, ignorance, and selfishness on a daily basis.  Often these behaviors are clothed in self-righteous slogans and political group-think wielding the power of the State to the detriment of individuals and subsequently society as a whole.

Diversity is inherent in every human being.  More often than not diversity is confined to physical characteristics.   All are natural and uncontrollable.  True diversity is much broader and encompasses many other aspects of life; diversity of talent; diversity of thought, diversity of interests, diversity of customs and traditions, and diversity of outcomes.

What we have in common with each other is DNA.  We are of the same species.  However, being of the same species does not imply uniformity in how we live our lives.  What truly distinguishes one person from another is diversity in thoughts, interests, talents, and customs and traditions.  Consequently, these factors result in a diversity of outcomes.

Diversity of thought is uniquely individual.  Throughout history diversity in thought on important issues and subjects has been advantageous to mankind.  New or novel thoughts challenge the status quo.  New thought promulgates debate and discussion and through persuasion produces a change in peoples’ beliefs.  More often than not new thoughts are uncomfortable as they challenge the prevailing orthodoxy as well as our customs and traditions.  Throughout history people have abandoned what they once believed to embrace something new.  The Age of Enlightenment is just one example.

Likewise, not all new thoughts are beneficial, especially those imposed by force upon others.   The idea of uniformity in thought is perverse and regressive.  When Lenin and Stalin imposed secular thought and so-called government righteousness upon the masses the people were forced by government violence to accept uniformity of thought or be persecuted.  Christian heretics were pronounced by the Church as worthy of scorn and derision often resulting in physical punishment or death.

Today, diversity in thought is shunned and ostracized.  Political thought outside of Hillary Clinton on one side and Mitch McConnell on the other side is met with intolerance and bigotry.  Adults act like elementary school children by calling others names like extremist, racist, or terrorist.  The same people unleash personal attacks, blatantly lie, and purposely manipulate and evade the truth or real discussion.   Due to the lack of diversity in political thought people believe government is omnipotent and transcendent.  Blissful ignorance and group-think characterizes modern political thought as people blindly follow political parties and elevate self-professed political saviors to pedestals where they are led over a cliff, plummeting to their death as they sing the praises of their leaders.  Votes are blindly cast based on whether the letter “D” or “R” follows a name.

To ensure uniformity and conformity by the masses the people must be persuaded to worship government and bow down to their leaders.  This can be accomplished by force or persuasion.  The latter is the preferred method  and the delivery mechanism for this persuasion is the education system.  The latest debacle is the Common Core Standards implemented through a federal program called Race to the Top.

The entire purpose of the education system is to promote authoritarianism and nationalism, and mold children into useful cogs that would conform to societal standards and fit into the workplace.  John Dewey, often called the father of the modern education system, goal was “to turn public schools into indoctrination centers to develop a socialized population that could adapt to an egalitarian state operated by an intellectual elite”.  After a few generations of public education most people conform with and submit to complete government authority in all aspects of their lives.  People willingly bind themselves with government shackles because that is precisely what they were taught in school – to submit to and obey the government.

Those that have the audacity to question the education system or government authority are submitted to the behavior I described earlier.  In some cases people are arrested for simply asking school board members questions about Common Core Standards.  The treatment is even worse when questioning so-called government authority.

Diversity of interests is uniquely individual.  Self-interest should not be conflated with selfishness.  Self-interest in a free society embodies certain principles such as rightful liberty and personal responsibility.  In pursuit of our own self-interest we cannot violate the rightful liberty of others.  Rightful liberty is the unobstructed action according to our own will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.  Naturally, the pursuit of your interests not only implies but requires personal responsibility for the consequences of those pursuits.

Furthermore, diverse interests and the pursuit thereof, means everyone recognizes they cannot satisfy their own needs and interests without others in society.  That is not to say others are coerced to assist you in your pursuits or if the outcomes are less than desirable.  It means you utilize your talents and abilities in a manner you freely choose in pursuit of your happiness.   It is self-evident each person cannot produce on their own all the things they need and want.  Accordingly, people freely engage in trade with others to their mutual benefit.

Diversity in custom and traditions can be beneficial and detrimental.  There was a time when slavery was commonplace throughout the world.   Several dozen countries were engaged in the slave trade and/or slavery.   Today, all reasonable people agree the custom or tradition of slavery is vile and abhorrent.  However, hundreds of years ago slavery was accepted practice and very few challenged it.  All countries, with the exception of one, abolished slavery peacefully.

Likewise, the ideals set forth by the founders and the framers were unique at that time.  They cast aside the custom and tradition that certain men had either the divine or hereditary right to rule.  They recognized that all men are created equal and no one man possesses a divine or hereditary right to rule over others.  They recognized man is endowed with certain unalienable rights and every man inherently possesses these rights by his mere existence, and those rights are not granted by men to other men.  They recognized the only legitimate form of government is one that has the consent of the people and the people are the sovereigns.  They recognized human nature and the tendency for man to succumb to avarice and ambition.  They recognized the tendency for man to consolidate power to the detriment of individuals, freedom, and liberty.  As a result a new government was instituted upon these self-evident truths.

Their accomplishments did not happen magically.  Diversity of thought produced these new ideals for governance and mankind.  It was the result of diversity of thought and casting aside certain traditions that were hundreds of years old.  At the time, many people were indifferent or against such change.  Intolerance to new thoughts and stubbornly holding to certain traditions obstructs reasonable discourse, promotes bigotry, and fastens people to their own fractious and persistent ignorance.

Diversity of outcomes is the product of the diversity of talents, diversity of thought, diversity of interests, and the diversity of customs and traditions.   Undeniably, every person is of the same species just as ever person is not the same.   Millions of various inputs create even more distinct outcomes.   Those outcomes encompass success and failure, positives and negatives, leaders and followers, selflessness and selfishness, knowledge and ignorance, freedom and slavery, and virtue and vice.

Undoubtedly the number of outcomes is nearly unlimited.  Individuals, and our society, cannot be judged by outcomes alone as that promotes an end justifies the means mentality.   Character and virtue matter immensely.   What man produces as a result of pursuing his interests and using his physical and intellectual abilities matters.   A new chemical that provides a benefit to society may also be used to kill people.  The development of nuclear energy to provide electricity to society may also be used to develop weapons capable of killing millions.  A person that becomes wealthy by inventing a product others want is very different from the man that acquires wealth by stealing from others, or by a company that accrues wealth and benefits from government laws, regulations, and interference to the detriment of others.  The elected official that has been in office for thirty years because they’ve used their influence and position of trust to secure tax benefits or competitive advantages for others in exchange for campaign contributions and the fleecing of the people in general are exalted though their behavior is immoral, ignoble, unethical, and reprehensible.

Telecommunications companies are partnered with the government to spy on citizens.  Banking and financial institutions are the fabric of the Federal Reserve and work hand-in-glove with the government against the people.  Federal Reserve monetary policy promotes and supports reckless fiscal policy, deficit spending and, consequently, seventeen trillion dollars of debt.  Ponzi schemes are illegal yet the government institutes them in the form of Social Security and Medicare.  The health care industry and pharmaceutical companies are co-conspirators in the Affordable Care Act and other laws and regulations to the detriment of the people.

Today, diversity is mostly celebrated based on certain physical characteristics not by thought, talent, or interests.  Diversity of outcomes is eroded by politicians using the force of law to create an egalitarian society and the justice system is used for distributive justice rather than interpersonal adjudication.  Diversity is not limited to what the ruling class, academia, or the media say.

Diversity embraces individuality.  It is not a collectivist notion.

Embrace true diversity and you embrace the individual.  Embrace the individual and you embrace exceptionalism.  The essence of American exceptionalism is the individual not the government.  Individuals are exceptional in spite of government.  American exceptionalism as a collectivist notion is pure poppycock.


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  1. Again, a very good article. This gave me much to think about. Well done.

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