Scott Strzelczyk is a constitutionalist concerned with the legitimate role of the federal government and the infringement of our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property.

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  1. Grace M. Alvarez

    I am a member of the Tuolumne County Republican Women Federated. We are concerned about the impact of Agenda 21 on our constitutional liberties. Can you recommend someone (who resides in California) who might be available to speak to us about Agenda 21? If you are available, please advise what you require insofar as speaking fees, travel expense, etc. are concerned.
    Thank you,
    Grace M Alvarez, Newsletter Editor and Legislative Alert column
    Sonora, CA

    • cathy

      Grace, someone I know who is deeply involved in fighting Agenda 21, tells me that Michael Shaw is a person you should contact; he believes Michael is with Freedom Advocates. ‘Hope this helps.

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  4. Death and the Ultimate Government Power

    What is perhaps the most egregious example of the unlimited authority of Government in the USSA? It is the estate tax, aka the Death Tax.
    The act of dying and being alive no more is a highly taxable event as if it were a financial transaction that the Government has an absolute right to TAX regardless of the fact that the assets that one built up over their lifetime have already been taxed to the fullest extent. So it is a “tax” on what remains after already paying one’s taxes, -and not a real tax but a gigantic confiscation unjustified by anything in legal philosophy.
    Or so it would seem until you think about it. It has to be justified by something but that something is something that no Government would ever admit. In thinking about what that is one reaches the inescapable conclusion that there exists an unspoken conviction that actually Government owns everything that you own and is only allowing you to “borrow” it while you are alive.
    How is the truth of that revealed? By the fact that there is no principle by which Government can tax that which has been maximally taxed already, nor any principle of limitation on how high of a percentage of assets that confiscation is allowed to rise to. There’s no government wizard that can articulate a justifying principle because one does not exist.
    That reveals one inescapable implication. Government is the ultimate owner of all things, and at death its authority is manifested if you owned in your life more wealth than it is willing to allow you to pass to your progeny without major confiscation (which is actually a form of theft of previously tax property). But it is not theft if the Government is the true owner of that property and not you, the pseudo-sovereign citizen.
    How is this made clear? By the fact that the Government asserts the supreme authority to decide how much of its property your children will not be forced to surrender to it. In other words, it decides the amount, the percentage of estimated wealth that your heirs must return to its ownership.
    It is not theft if it is merely retaking what belonged to it all along. If you go to your neighbors yard and return to yours with a shovel, it is not theft if it is a shovel that you own and merely loaned to him. So it is with the taking of accumulated wealth of American citizens.
    That can’t be called a tax because death is not a taxable transaction, nor is post-taxation confiscation describable as taxation. The authority to confiscate wealth after life has ended is solely legitimized by one unalienable right, and that is the position that Government owns everything that you think you own but is refraining from taking most of it until you die.
    After that it’s free to assert its ownership right.
    There is no philosophical rule that it must wait until then because the only rule is that the property that you think you own is actually the property of the Government, and it is its unchallengeable right to take it whenever it desires and to take it in whatever amount that it desires because it is the true owner. That is the philosophical position of the United States Government because that is its law and policy and they are based on an unstated principle, -the one you now understand.
    It can be further illustrated via the example of the counterpart of death, which is birth. By the principle of total ownership of all property by Government, a portion of a couple’s savings or wealth could be confiscated due to the trigger of the “taxable event” of birth. A Birth Tax. How would that be different in principle from a Death Tax? It wouldn’t. [The Chinese would probably love it if they could get away with instituting it. Actually, they might have one.]
    ~excerpt from: Of Truth & Fiction; Power & Treason
    ~ What You Damn Well Better Know For Certain by Adrien Nash Sept. 2013
    at http://obama–nation.com

  5. spainter

    You know Scot, been reading some of the blog; why don’t all you and your ilk go to Somalia, no govt., no taxes,hey no nothing, wait a minute good name for you bloks, ‘The Know Nothing Party” . Opps, it was used before in our country, what the hell go ahead and use it again.

    • That is pretty funny. The truth is tough to handle and since you don’t understand the founding principles and documents this is a petulant, derogatory comment. Way to argue on merits or facts. Constitutionalists are explicitly and inherently pro-government. What an asinine comment about no government. You’ll never find anything I’ve written suggesting no government.

  6. Jonathan Hamilton

    You need to read this.

    After research- This was legalized under the “Simmons Amendment” to SB281, which prohibits firearms ownership by people who received probation before judgement for violent crimes. This guy legally owned these guns for 30 years, O’Malley’s law made him a criminal.

    I live in Garrett County and support your secession movement any way I can.

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