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Carpe Diem – My Wife’s Perspective

More often than not I write about constitutional, political, or economic issues.  Every blue moon I’ll write something about my personal perspective on things.  This is one of those articles.

I am blessed.  In ways I easily recognize and others that aren’t so obvious.  First and foremost those blessings flow from God.  Secondly, I am blessed with a loving and caring family.  Thirdly, most everything else doesn’t measure up to the first two.

But this article is about my wife, Jessica.

We have many things in common.  We also have many differences.   We have some similar and some different perspectives.  I am involved and invested in the fight for liberty, limited government, and other principles.  That fight is not for me as time is passing me by and I may not be around to reap what I am trying to sow.  However, for my family and their families I want them to have the opportunity to live freely, without undue oppression, and enjoy liberty and their pursuit of happiness – whatever that may be for them.

Because of that, I spend much time in activities that take me away from my family.  Consequently, that impacts family life, time with my wife, and time with my children.  This is where our perspectives differ and why Jessica is so important to me and our family.  When speaking to others, I describe her perspective as more fatalistic than mine.  Not that it’s good or bad, just different.

Jessica lives in the here and now.  She knows we have a small window of time to enjoy our children.  She wants the best for them.  She wants them to enjoy their childhood to their fullest.  She is passionate about their education, their activities, and their happiness.  Likewise, she also believes the direction of our government, economy, and the monetary system is eventually coming to an end.  I agree with that.  She doesn’t believe it will change for the better before a collapse.   Because of that, her attitude and perspective is focused on the present and near future.

Her perspective influences me.   While I’m off fighting this battle or that battle, fighting for the new state of Western Maryland, or doing the radio show, she is taking our boys to soccer games and baseball games.  She is taking our daughter to dance, gymnastics, or drama classes.  She is planning activities for her and the children or for the entire family.  She is helping our children with their school work.  Hey, she even mows the lawn because I’m not always around to do it.

Her perspective has changed my perspective.  While I’m engaged in battles on many fronts she keeps me grounded.  She keeps me in the present.  She gently, and others times not so gently, reigns me in.  In her own ways she has figured out how to ensure that I don’t lose sight of what’s important here and now.  The time I have with my children.  The time we have as a family.  To put those battles away for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days.

We had not been on a vacation for a couple/few years.  Last year we decided to go to Disney World.  We spent six days with the children having fun.  I didn’t respond to e-mails.  I didn’t write any articles.  I didn’t get on Facebook.  We simply had fun as a family.  Later in the summer we visited Monticello and spent two days in Williamsburg.  Honestly, it was relaxing to get away from the battles.  It was fun.  And, I truly enjoy watching my children have fun.

Heck, we’ve even contemplated just moving away, to someplace warm to enjoy the beach and the sunshine.  We could live modestly and home school our children.  I joked that I could grow long hair, pump gas into boats, drink Tequila, and listen to Jimmy Buffet music all day.  Hard to say what the future may bring.

Perhaps we will win or lose the various battles I pursue.   Only time will tell.  Through good and bad Jessica has caused me to pause and reflect on the here and now.  Undoubtedly, she has shown me I can win every day just by keeping things in perspective.  For without those daily joys and blessings bestowed upon us Jessica has shown me I will lose something far more valuable.   Without her I would be like a rudderless boat lost at sea drifting nowhere.  She guides me through calm or troubled waters.

Jessica is the rock in our family.  She is the glue that keeps us all together.  She nutures and loves.  She plays and she sings.  She praises and admonishes.

I am grateful for her.  Jessica helps me be a better man, husband, and father.

Jessica has my unconditional and eternal love.

Carpe Diem!


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